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Baby Clementoni Baby Radio




An activity suite shaped like a radio so children can play with music and have fun with their animal friends. Push one of the 4 switches to choose the music station and listen to different genres! With colourful light-up switches which activate different tunes and guide infants through engaging interactive game experiences, constantly stimulating them in new ways. In addition to the tunes, sounds and various light effects that capture children’s attention, there are small physical interactions to help the development of cognitive and fine motor skills. Each switch, activity and material has been carefully designed to make the toy easy and engaging for the infant to play with. Each animal is linked to a musical genre so as to familiarise infants with a variety of rhythms: a pop style for the dog, rock for the rooster, rap for the cat and soothing sounds for the bird. There are four large switches to be pressed to hear the animal sounds and their associated music, a ball which stimulates manual dext


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